Social Media in Steel Industry: Digital Marketing

  • Kishan Chaitanya M Department of Management Studies, Amity University Dubai, UAE


These days Social Media is a go to platform to check and analyze reports regarding any products before actually purchasing. It has a swift and improved way to gather all the required information at one place. The content that has to be received by the customers or the solutions that has to be provided by the industries, can be obtained in a single platform in other words it is best fit for all the customer's needs. Now a day, steel companies not only invest in share markets (or) ad agencies but also on social platform where the awareness spreads to a crowd of people in very less time. In this digital era with all these rapid changing periods, the steel industry will have to constantly raise in its communications process. With the immense growth of social media marketing and online outsourcing, major steel industries are approaching social networking platforms to get their work done ( I.e. spreading awareness across the country from one place). After the introduction of social marketing, promotions has become lot easier and can receive real time analysis of everything on how the product is working, because of which company can rectify all the lacks and present mistake-free project to the customers. Also, social media marketing focuses on targeted people. One of the main purpose of introducing social media in steel industry is that breaking 'long standing' stereotypes and reaching out to people in a lot easier way.

May 24, 2020
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