Influence of Price Formation in Indian Gold Market

  • Janvi Vaya Department of Management Studies, Amity University Dubai, UAE


The paper inspects the general productivity of Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) against spot gold and gold prospects in Indian situation utilizing a progression of regular and limit cointegration insights. The outcomes uncover that gold ETFs and spot gold just as gold ETFs and gold prospects combine over the long haul. Likewise, developments in spot costs and prospects costs are found to lead those in ETF costs, in this manner, giving a degree to executing beneficial exchanging methodologies ETFs. The examination further investigates the plausible reasons that may represent the relative wastefulness saw in ETF costs. Gold ETFs and gold fates speak to two such sections that empower speculators to gain presentation to the value development of gold in a way like that of stocks exchanged at the trade. With various portions of the market following a similar resource class, the present examination endeavors to research the general proficiency of one market over the other for example between spot cost of physical gold and gold ETFs just as between gold ETFs and gold fates in Indian setting which records for perhaps the biggest buyer of the metal on the planet. Utilizing different econometric strategies, for example, cointegration, Vector Error Correction Model (VECM), Gregory-Hansen (1996) insights and Toda-Yamamoto trial of causality, the outcomes uncover that gold ETFs, when contrasted with their spot and prospects partners, are generally wasteful. ETF costs are found to slack both the spot just as prospects costs. Restricted cooperation, constrained mindfulness, illiquidity, and nonappearance of edge exchanging are observed to be the prime reasons clarifying the general wastefulness of gold ETFs. The examination likewise accommodates the alert that should be practiced while deciphering the outcomes for straight cointegration which may neglect to distinguish the presence of a long run connection between the factors within the sight of auxiliary brake characteristic in the information arrangement.

May 24, 2020
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